Reliable First Aid Treatment For Broken Bones And Fracture

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Just like any other injuries, broken bones and fracture equally requires immediate medical attention. On top of the injury itself, a fracture or a broken bone may subject an individual to other conditions that may also need medical attention. This greatly depend on how severe the injury is and the factors that led to the injury. In case of this kind of injury, each and every individual should be equipped with the right knowledge that will allow them to dispense the much needed first aid until the professional medics arrive.

Call for emergency help.

Depending on the nature of the injury, many of them do require immediate medical attention. The major injuries do have some common indicators. Some injuries would render the person unconscious with no heartbeat or proper breathing. In such a case, the person will require immediate CPR in order to resuscitate him. This could be coupled by other shock indicators. These include paleness, shortness of breath and sweating. Severe injuries also come with bleeding, and are mostly to the head, neck, pelvis, back and upper leg.

Stop or control the bleeding on broken bones and fracture.

Severe bleeding can cause shock to the person as well as death in extreme cases. To greatest step to saving the injured person’s life and improving the chances of getting a good treatment will first ensure that the loss of blood is contained. To do this, one will need to find a means of stopping the bleeding. Normally, broken bones and fracture will require that a clean and sterile absorbent material is put over the injury and then a little pressure is applied. This pressure should not be to the extent that causes more pain. This way, the blood gets absorbed while clotting is encouraged. If the injury has an object protruding from it, its removal is discouraged. This is due to the fact that the removal of the object could cause more bleeding whereas it could be assisting with clotting at the moment.

Immobilization of the injured area in broken bones and fracture.

The idea to move the injured person especially the broken limb should be avoided at all costs. One should instead make a point of ensuring that the injured person attains comfort in the same position that he is in. The injured bone should remain in the same position until professional help arrives. This can only be compromised if the position cuts off blood flow to the injured part. If there is need to move the individual In case of an injury to the hip or pelvis, the legs will require strapping together with a blanket in between then the person is placed on a board.


Numb the pain and reduce swelling in broken bones and fracture.

If you have the privilege of conversing with an individual who just got a fracture, you can bet that what they need most is a means of getting rid of the excruciating pain. The best way to reduce the pain during the first aid is through the use of ice. Find ice cubes, wrap them in a piece of cloth or towel then gently use it to massage around the injury. The ice and its cold temperature will help numb the pain, reduce the swelling and also contain the bleeding.

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