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Fort McMurray First Aid is a training service provider dedicated to providing quality first aid certification and recertificaton in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Prospective trainees can choose from a large variety of classes on the website, as well as use the registration form to sign up for them. You are assured of quality training from St Mark James certified instructors, with all classes held in high end training facilities throughout Fort McMurray, Alberta.

AED pad placement on an adult mannequin
AED pad placement on an adult mannequin

Enrolment can be easily completed using the form on the website, or through e-mails, telephone calls, or walk-ins during business hours in any of the facilities. Just visit the site to choose a program or class from the list.

Grande Prairie First Aid offers the cheapest possible rates for first aid certification in the area. Rates are paid in full during enrolment and are inclusive of taxes, certificates, and St Mark James training manuals. Full refunds are given to students who chose not to complete their enrolled program are entitled to a full refund of the fees, provided a 72-hour notice was given.

Training programs

Pediatric mannequin and bag valve mask
Pediatric mannequin and bag valve mask

First aid training lasts 14-16 hours and cover different emergency situations and injuries.  Skills such as wound care and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillation (AED) are part of the lesson plan.  AEDs are machines that supply the heart with needed shock through pads attached to the chest. Students are also taught about the emergency medical services (EMS) system.

Private training

Private instructors with hourly rates are also available at Fort McMurray First Aid. They are all certified by St Mark James so you’re sure to get quality training. You can book them for training at home, employee workshops or special events like conferences. Students who have scheduling problems and big groups of trainees can enrol in private classes.

St Mark James Certification

To pass a class, a student is required to have complete attendance, 75 percent on the written exam, and good skill demonstration. Upon completion of any program, all students receive a certificate card from St Mark James. The certificate is valid for three years and can be renewed through recertification programs. First aid recertification lasts 6-8 hours and includes CPR level C recertification.

Did You Know?


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