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Renewal and Re-Certification Locations

Finding a location to renew / re-certify first aid and or CPR certification can be a difficult process. Customers have to find the right provider and the ideal training partner when determining when and were to renew expiring certificates. The search for the best provider can be stressful and long. Out of the four major and credible Canadian first aid and CPR providers we determined that St Mark James is the best renewal provider. They offer the largest amount of re-certification courses and have the best policies and standards. St Mark James recognizes awards by other credible providers and allows those candidates to renew with St Mark James.

First Aid and CPR Renewal / Re-Cert Training Providers

Through our list of detailed criteria we have selected the top St Mark James first aid renewal providers in most of the Canadian major municipalities. We have partnered with the top first aid renewal and re-certification providers in Kelowna, Surrey, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Ottawa, Saskatoon and Regina. Our list of training partners grows every month so check back with us soon if your location is not listed here.

St Mark James First Aid Renewal Training Classroom

St Mark James First Aid Renewal Training Classroom

Training locations in Canada

British Columbia





Nova Scotia

Registration for First Aid / CPR Renewal / Re-Certifications

To register with one of our St Mark James renewal providers select your location from the selection above or from the menu bar. All of our training partners offer customers a variety of different registration methods including through telephone, on-line registration or email. The training partners that we have partnered with meet the highest standards and rate with the highest scores pertaining to:

Offer credible awards that meet the same certification standards as original certificates.

  • Are offered at the lowest prices.
  • Have the largest selection of re-certification courses.
  • Have the lowest cancellation rates of any provider in the region.
  • Have conveniently located locations throughout your area.
  • Have numerous training dates throughout the week at different times.
  • Offer certified St Mark James certificates immediately after completion of the renewal course.

For more information about our training partners or to determine if you meet the re-certification prerequisites in your region visit the location page on our website. All first aid renewal courses include CPR re-certification and training in the use of AED’s. Keep your certificates current by attending renewal courses often.

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