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First Aid Re-Certification in Windsor

First Aid Re-Certification in Windsor

First Aid Re-Certification in Windsor

If you’re looking for quality first aid training in Windsor, Windsor First Aid is your best bet. High quality classes are available at very flexible schedules throughout the week, with private instructors offered for special training as well. Because Windsor First Aid is dedicated to the comfort of its students, there are different ways to enrol for a training program. You can choose a program from the list on the website (click here) and use the registration form to sign up.

Windsor First Aid

First aid and CPR training

First aid programs are 16-18 hours long, with schedules available even during evenings and weekends. Common first aid topics include abdominal thrusts for obstructed airway victims, bandaging, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automated external defibrillation (AED).  While CPR is still included in the full training program, students can also sign up for CPR-only classes.

CPR training has three categories:

  • A – adult CPR and AED (first time trainees)
  • C – adult and pediatric CPR and AED (first time trainees)
  • HCP – adult and pediatric CPR and AED (health care providers)

St Mark James Certificates

Certificate cards from St Mark James are awarded to students who successfully finish and pass a program. Wall-mount sized certificates are also available upon request. These certificates are only valid for three years, during which they have to be renewed through a recertification program. Windsor First Aid offers recertification at least twice a week varying in length and type.

Competitive Renewal / Re-Certification and Full Course Prices

There is no other provider in Windsor that offers better rates than Windsor First Aid. Fees are paid in full during enrolment – all inclusive of tuition, taxes, certification, and training manuals. Complete reimbursements are also given to students drop out, as long as a notice is given 72 hours beforehand.

Private Classes

Students can also book a private instructor for special training at home or for special events. Companies and big groups of trainees prevent to sign up for private classes as well. Instructors have different rates and schedules so be sure to inquire about them through telephone call or e-mail before booking.

Enrolment and registration

Students who want to sign up for a program can do so through e-mail, telephone call, or walk-in. An on-line enrolment form can also be found on the website for hassle-free sign up. Though students can sign up or fill out the form and send an e-mail during the most convenient time for them, replies will only be processed during business hours.

Did You Know?

Sleep apnea: when to see a doctor

Sleep apnea happens when a person periodically stops breathing during sleep. This is a dangerous condition that needs medical attention, especially if the signs and symptoms get progressively worse with time. Seek medical help if any of the following signs and symptoms are manifested.

  • Very loud snoring
  • Sudden awakening and shortness of breath
  • Pauses during breathing (while asleep)
  • Excessive sleepiness during the day

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