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The following are frequently asked questions about first aid and CPR renewal / re-certification courses.

Can I re-certify my award with a different provider?

Yes, as long as you meet the re-certification prerequisites you can take a re-cert course through a different provider.

My card is valid for 3 years but my employer says I need to renew my award every year. What should I do?

If it is a employee policy to have a certificate renewed every year you must follow employer policy regardless of what the certificate states.

My card is already expired, can I still re-certify?

Yes, St Mark James allows candidates to renew certification within 3 years of the previous course.

It has been more than 3 years since my last course, can I still take a re-certification course?

No, you must re-take the full course.

What should I expect the course to cover?

The course will cover all of the same content as the full course, except the format will be more condensed with more of a focus on changes to the standards.

Do I have to take a test?

Yes, in order to complete the course you must complete a multiple choice test and a skills component.

Can I re-certify only first aid?

No, unfortunately candidates must renew CPR certification when they take a first aid re-cert course.

Can I take a emergency first aid re-certification course with a standard first aid award?

Yes, you can downgrade your certification, however you can not upgrade without taking the full course.

I have a CPR-C certificate, can I re-certify and receive a CPR “HCP” certificate?

No, you can not upgrade to higher level certificate without taking the full course.

Can the course length be any shorter?

No, instructors are mandated to offer the course at a set period of time regardless of the capacity of the course.

What should I wear to the course?

Wear comfortable clothes, you will be moving around and practicing CPR.

I can’t find my previous certificate, what should I do?

Contact your previous first aid provider and ask them to resend your previous certificate.

I lost my card what should I do?

Contact your previous first aid provider and ask them to resend your previous certificate.




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