First Aid Re-Certifications in Hamilton

As schools and workplaces have started requiring first aid and CPR certification, students and employees have been flocking to Hamilton First Aid to get quality training. Basic first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automated external defibrillation (AED) are part of the full training program. Students can also enroll in CPR-only classes, private classes, and refresher programs. Re-certification courses include standard, emergency, and childcare first aid as well as stand-alone CPR programs such as level “C” and “HCP”. All courses include training and certification in the use of AEDs. Find a list of available programs and class details on the Hamilton First Aid webpage

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Hamilton First Aid

About signing up

Splinting a Broken leg using a SAM splint
First Aid Re-Certifications in Hamilton

Compared to other training service providers, Hamilton First Aid offers the most number of ways to sign up for a class. Students can sign up for a class through e-mail, telephone calls, or walk-in during business hours. Any request sent through e-mail or the online registration form will only be attended to during business hours.

Training fees

Course fees at Hamilton First Aid are the most competitive in the area. Fees are inclusive of taxes, certification expenses, and training manuals. Students don’t have to worry about the fees while training because they are paid in full during enrolment. Reimbursement of the entire training fee is given to students who drop out, as long as a 72-hour notice is

Schedules and private classes

First aid programs run for 18 hours, with classes available throughout the week (even evenings and weekends). Refresher programs are available at least twice a week. However, students might still have difficulties finding a class schedule, so Hamilton First Aid makes private classes an option for trainees.

Instructors are available for training at home or for special events like team building. Companies usually hire Hamilton First Aid trainers for conferences and other employee training events. Different instructors have different rates so inquire through e-mail or telephone call before booking one.

Overview of first aid and CPR in Hamilton First Aid

Checking for breathing
Checking for breathing of an unconscious victim

First aid classes teach students how to recognize and manage a variety of different injuries. Bleeding, choking, burns, and falls are just some of the injuries that trainees at Hamilton First Aid will learn to manage. A lot of class hours are spent practicing skills using AED trainers, training mannequins, and first aid training kits. CPR is also included in the full training course but CPR-only classes are also available.

Upon passing a program, students receive a St Mark James certificate card valid for three years throughout Canada. Expiring or near-expiry certificates can be renewed / re-certified at refresher programs. First aid recertification includes CPR (level C, A, or HCP) recertification as well.

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