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Preventive First Aid For Sport Injuries In Children

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Ankle Pain During Sports

Ankle Pain During Sports

Children love to stay active for a good part of their lives, and while this is a good thing, there is always the risk of injury lurking. This is one of the key reasons why parents, guardians and the children themselves must be aware of first aid techniques that they can use as far as Preventive first aid for sport injuries is concerned. Considering the high numbers of children who actively partake in sports, this should in fact be made a mandatory course in many of the institutions we have today. Statistics show that out of all those who engage in active sports, approximately 1% will suffer from sport-related injuries.

One of the most common scenarios for which individuals need to learn Preventive first aid for sport injuries is injuries that are linked to overuse of muscles. Just as the name suggests, this occurs when a set of muscles is strained too much. In athletes for example, the pelvis, hips and elbows are some of the parts affected by overuse. In children who are younger, sprains and strains tend to be more common particularly because their bones are still experiencing growth and are therefore soft and prone to injury.

Another type of injury that is fairly common in sports is concussions. Concussions refer to brain injury that result from traumatic blows to the head, something which is fairly common in sports such as rugby, hockey and football. This is a common yet potentially fatal occurrence because symptoms do not always show up immediately. The fact that children get introduced to sports very early these days makes them predisposed to such injuries since they get too competitive too early. One of the approaches used in Preventive first aid for sport injuries is to ensure that children are introduced to sports at a time when they are in a position to comprehend the game and its rules.

A second way of handling Preventive first aid for sport injuries is for parents to make sure that their kids are not undergoing continual training as this could have a negative effect on their bodies. It is imperative that the children have some time to rest and for their bodies to recover if one is to reduce the extent of sports injuries. Matter of fact, the APP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends that young trainees ought to take a minimum of two months off from a specific sport every year.

In managing Preventive first aid for sport injuries, the need to have open conversations with both the young trainees and their coaches cannot possible be underestimated. Parents and guardians must be involved in their children’s sports activities. This will make it easy for one to notice any unusual symptoms as well as pay keen attention to the child’s response during the sports activities. It also creates a platform where the child can be taught how to listen to their body and speak up when anything is amiss. In the end, preventive first aid in sports will go a long way in creating better sportsmen.

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