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What Is The Correct Way Of Activating 911 When Giving First Aid?

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The field of emergency services is as dynamic as the nature of emergencies that characterize the industry. This has led to increased publicity as far as the use of such services is concerned, especially because this is the one-0stop location when individuals are faced by tragedies and disasters that call for medical attention. Another set of names that is used to denote emergency services is the ‘Emergency Medical Services’, aptly abbreviated as EMS. This service is activated by dialing 911 on a cellphone. This is a special number and cannot therefore be given to individuals. It is also recognized worldwide, but do you know the precise way to follow when activating 911?

This article highlights the recommended way of doing so with the aim of making sure that you are well prepared in the event that there is an emergency. The rule of thumb as far as emergency services are concerned is to make sure that you activate the services when you sense that danger is approaching. It is better to do so than to wait until it is impossible to get medical help. This means that you need not wait until you are sure of the emergency before you can start activating 911. This rule is the make or break decision in most emergencies for the simple reason that time is critical. Take note that if you are not alone, it is best to request someone else to call 911 on your behalf.

What should you expect when you call to start the process of activating 911?

–          When your call has gone through, the emergency operator on the other end will request you to furnish them with basic information as pertains to the emergency you are facing. They will also ask for your address which will come in handy when the ambulance is dispatched.

–          You will be requested to provide information about the emergency as well as events/activities preceding that emergency. It is important to make sure that you give accurate answers as this will guide the emergency medical team on giving the best care possible. Note that even if you are not certain about the medical terms, make sure that your answers are as accurate as possible.

–          What happens when you are the victim and you are not able to speak on phone, or even when you do you are incoherent? You need not worry about this because the emergency operator can pick details of your location the moment you have started the process of activating 911. More importantly for first aiders and the general public is that this may not be applicable to cell phone users, although technological advancements are working on making this possible with the use of GPS.

–          Provided you have setup the process of activating 911, it is important that you remain in contact with the emergency operator until help arrives. In many cases, the operator will also provide guidance on the best way to take care of yourself.

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