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What Is The Correct Way Of Activating 911 When Giving First Aid?

The field of emergency services is as dynamic as the nature of emergencies that characterize the industry. This has led to increased publicity as far as the use of such services is concerned, especially because this is the one-0stop location when individuals are faced by tragedies and disasters that call for medical attention. Another set of names that is used to denote emergency services is the ‘Emergency ...

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First Aid Renewal: A Better Option for Businesses Financially

According to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act that is currently being followed all over Canada, all business establishments should have employees who are well-trained in first aid and CPR and have an active certification or card. Considering that these certificates expire every three years or so, employers every now and then face the dilemma of whether they should select new employees to undergo train ...

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Spinal injuries

Spinal injuries are very delicate and must be looked after with the utmost care. I have looked after several patients with spinal injuries and it is important to know how to deal with them in the safest way. St Mark James First Aid Classes cover all the details needed to care for a patient with a suspected spinal injury. A spinal injury can refer to one or more parts of the back and neck. This could be the ...

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Migraines in Adults

Migraine headaches are often described as throbbing, pounding or pulsating pain, usually at one side of the head, but may also occur on both sides. Pain may also affect the whole head or transfer from one side to another. It is the second most common type of primary headache. Migraine headaches are different from tension headaches, also a type of primary headache. Tension headaches are headaches that still ...

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How to Administer First Aid on Testicular Pain

When there is pain in one or both testicles in the male groin area, it is called testicular or scrotal pain. The testicles are enclosed in sacs called the scrotum. The groin area, in general, is very rich in nerve endings, thus it is highly sensitive, and even minor trauma may lead to discomfort and pain. Pain does not necessarily begin in the testicle, as sometimes it originated somewhere else in the groin ...

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Responding Appropriately in Emergencies

What you do during an emergency is crucial in the outcome of the victim’s health. Even if you have not received any first aid certification, you can help in a myriad of ways. In case of an emergency, actions taken by people around the victim are of crucial importance; unfortunately, not many would volunteer to help. There are various reasons as to why people would rather not help in emergencies and accident ...

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