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Rapid difficulty in breathing is the core cause of visiting the hospital accident and emergency department. To add on, it is the main reason that forces people to acquire the ambulance services. It is normal at the time when you over-exerted yourself to breathe rapidly; it is normally taken as an alarming indicator of a serious medical condition. Medically, this condition is simply known as dyspnea.

What To Do

Rapid difficulty in breathing is the core cause of visiting the hospital accident and emergency department.
Rapid difficulty in breathing is the core cause of visiting the hospital accident and emergency department.
  • Contact your GP with immediate effect in case of a shortness in breath since there may be a problem with the lungs or the airways or even it might be with your heart. The GP will evaluate your condition over the phone then from there will visit you at your home or even may admit you to the hospital.
  • Sensing that you are not getting enough air can be so frightening but doctors know the correct way to manage it through their training. In case of a situation where one gets out of breath, the doctors will give oxygen to breathe by means of a mask which will help your signs while they are investigating your condition and treating it.
  • In case you’ve been struggling with your breathing for some time, don’t take it lightly: make a step and see your GP since there is a likelihood that you might possess a chronic condition like asthma, obesity or persistent pulmonary disease which will require maximum management.

What Causes Rapid Shortness of Breath?

Rapid and unexpected breathlessness is as due to one of the following medical conditions or states:

A Problem with your Lungs or Airways

  • Rapid loss of breath could be due to asthma attack. This simply refers to a scenario whereby the airways may have narrowed hence one will produce more sticky mucus also called phlegm. This causes one to cough or produce a wheezing sound due to a difficulty of the air paths to move air in and out.
  • The GP may advise you to use a spacer device along with your inhaler which will free medicine to your lungs hence helping one to ease breathlessness.
  • Lung inflammation or pneumonia may also cause breath shortness and cough. This is normally triggered by an infection, hence, one will have to go in for antibiotics to feel better.

A Heart Problem

  • Possibilities are high for one to have a “silent” heart attack with no obvious signs, such as overwhelming anxiety and chest such a case, difficulty in breathing may be the only alarming symptom that one is experiencing a heart attack.
  • In case you or your GP insinuate that it may be a heart attack then you will be given aspirin and admitted to a hospital.

Panic Attack

  • Panic attack or panic anxiety can cause one to take very deep breaths know as hyperventilating.


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