Start Making Your Emergency Preparedness Plan Today

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In times of disasters and natural calamities, families are often displaced. However, having an emergency preparedness plan can greatly help in responding to these unwanted events.

 Making Your Emergency Preparedness Plan
Making Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

You hear in the news that there is a tornado heading your place. But you are at work and your kids are at school, what do you do? Have a disaster preparedness plan! In such situations, it pays to have an emergency preparedness plan. When a disaster strikes, household members can easily get displaced. Therefore, it is essential to choose a designated meeting place where you would meet your loved ones if ever you get displaced by a disaster. A disaster plan can make you feel safer and less stressed in an emergency. Here are a few tips on how to plan a safe meeting place for your family.

  1. If you are at home during a tornado or hurricane, make sure to shelter your family in a safe spot inside your house. Unless your house is located in a flood-prone area or near bodies of water, the safest place indoors is the lowest level of the home. Stay away from the windows or exterior walls if possible. It would be best to keep an emergency kit, basic necessities, and medical supplies in this space.
  2. In case of a sudden disaster, such as a fire, choose a place just outside your house that is easily accessible. It should be near a landmark and a place that all household members are familiar with. Make sure all household members are aware of the designated meeting place. Regularly remind them and review your emergency preparedness plan.
  3. In disasters where you are required to evacuate your immediate neighborhood, you can meet your family at home and travel to a safe place. Tell your family this plan in advance. Once everyone is home, grab your supplies and hop in your vehicle. Stay tuned for latest advisories from authorities. Take the fastest and safest route towards your evacuation.
  4. Organize your neighbors so that you can work together in times of emergencies. Maybe your neighbors have generator sets or special equipment that you can use. Or there may have first aid-trained neighbors. They can help your family manage emergencies. On the other hand, you can also be of help to elderly or disable neighbors. Moreover, your neighbors can look after your kids while you are out.
  5. Be prepared at all times, even when you’re out-of-town on vacation. If you are planning to go on a holiday trip, make sure to reach out with your friends and family. Tell them where you’re headed to and your itinerary. Social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook can be a good way of keeping your loved ones on track. If you’re going abroad, know the address of the nearest consular office.

There many more ways how your family can prepare for disasters. Start making your emergency preparedness plan today. You’ll never know when disaster will strike.

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