The Process Of Administering Gas Pain Treatment

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Gas pain is a common occurrence among many people. The problem normally arises just after one eats a meal. The whole issue is raised by the presence of the bacteria in the stomach that get to breakdown the carbohydrates in our foods. The process generates gases that when collected in the stomach, causes the discomfort that is known as gas pains. When the gas collects and an individual is not able to pass it on time, the pain caused can increase and turn into cramping and bloating. The gas pain is not to be assumed or ignored. Explained herein are a few means that could help an individual get rid of gas pain.

To get rid of the gas pain, one will have to stop or avoid the consumption of carbonated drinks. The presence of the gasses in the carbonated drinks could in themselves become a cause of the gas pains. When consumed after the onset of the symptoms, the drinks will speed up the symptoms and make the situation worse than it should be.

When it comes to the food consumed, one will have to consume his food in smaller portions. This will allow the symptoms to subside as the production of the gases is lowered. Smaller food portions also limit the level of discomfort that one may feel after eating or with the gas pain.

Common among many is the use of anti acid at such moments. The anti acid tablets have foaming properties that allow the gas bubbles in the stomach to join up faster hence becoming easier to pass out. The use of anti acid or activated charcoal tablets can have an effect on the symptoms in a few hours.

For a smoker, the onset of the gas pains is an indication of no a smoking period until the pain go away. Smoking only adds the amount of air that one consumes and directly increasing the amount of air in the system thereby increasing the gas pains. A well known remedy for gas pains is the consumption of hot tea. Ginger, peppermint and anise teas have reputations of reducing gases in the human system.

Funnel seeds also act great when it comes to the reduction of the intestinal gases. A single tea spoon of funnel seeds is enough to relieve an individual of the gas pains. The consumption of funnel seeds should however be done with caution. This is due to the fact that its used is marred by speculations as to whether it is effective or has side effects especially to the pregnant women. A more certain remedy is therefore recommended.

Lastly, one is reminded that when faced with the symptoms of the gas pains, the most effective way is to allow passing of the gas. One should steer away from the idea of trying to suppress the symptoms. Find a private place and pass the gas. Also, bowel movements speed up the movements of the linings of the colon. This will allow the accumulated gas to move and find its way out of the person’s system.

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