How To Handle Oral First Aid

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Oral first aid has been administered in a number of cases of emergencies involving accidents to the oral formation of an individual. The teeth are components of our bodies that are equally prone to accidents and injuries just like the rest of the body. The injuries to the teeth in most cases also affect the lips, the gums or the mouth in general. This therefore qualify for immediate check up when they are injured. This can be done at the local hospital, general practitioner or at the dentist, depending on the nature of the injury.

All the injuries to the teeth and the mouth region have the potential of being serious, especially when no proper attention is given. When ignored, the dental accidents can graduate to more serious problems that result into permanent damages to the individual. This can also grow into a condition that might require a more sophisticated and expensive procedure to fix. To help eliminate the chances of this taking place, oral first aid can be done after the accident.

This article lists a number of dental problems and their appropriate oral first aid remedies.

When one is experiencing a tooth ache, he or she can get to manage the pain enough to allow him or her to visit the professionals for proper medication. TheĀ Oral first aid is a simple one. The person will need to first clean the mouth with warm water. Any food particles logged between the teeth need to be removed. This is done through the use of a dental floss. In a case where the individual is experiencing a swollen mouth, it would be ideal to use a cold compress to help with the situation. This is applied from outside, on the cheeks.

Oral first aid broken or chipped tooth .

With a broken or chipped tooth, the individual is advised to keep any broken pieces that he can find. He then rinses the mouth and the broken pieces with warm water. If there is bleeding to the mouth, a gauze should be applied to the bleeding point for at least ten minutes, or until the bleeding stops. A cold compress will be used to take care of any swelling around the mouth.

Oral first aid knocked out tooth.

The person first of all has to ensure that the tooth is found. The teeth is then held by the crown and properly rinsed. For the people with the right knowledge, the tooth can be placed back. However, it is advisable for one to preserve the tooth in a solution then take it with you to the dentist for professional assistance.

Lost crown.

When one gets to lose a crown, the need to see a dentist becomes very urgent. He also needs to bring the crown with him to the dentist. If the appointment with the dentist is delayed and the individual is unable to see the dentist immediately, he should use a bit of clove oil to desensitize the tooth and reduce pain. The clove oil is applied through the use of a cotton swab. The crown can also be put back through the use of an over the counter dental cement. The use of super glue is not advised.

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