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Irrespective of how safe we try to make our homes, workplaces or vacation sites; Accidents are bound to happen. Knowing this fact and fully appreciating the inherent dangers; most employers, parents and businessmen make attempts to avail appropriate first aid kits for their premises, homes and workplaces.

First Aid kits are therefore broadly divided into Home first aid kits, Business first aid Kits and Industrial first aid kits. However, there are several factors that determine the kind of first aid kit that will be availed in a particular area, they are;

  • The kind of work or activity being done in a particular area or site
  • Age of most occupants or users
  • Tools or equipments being used
  • The most likely type of accident or injuries that may occur
  • Distance from site of accident to a medical centre or Hospital
  • First aid training offered to employees, students, caregivers etc.

All the above factors will dictate the kind of first aid kit that will be purchased and installed at a particular site. It thus follows that a landscaper, logger, lifeguard, trucker, welder and restaurant owner will all have different types of First aid kits as they are exposed to different types of dangers. It is thus fair to expect that  restaurant first aid kits, landscapers’ first aid kits, truckers’ first aid kits and welders’ first aid kits to contain different equipment.

As earlier stated, the main reason for this difference being the kind of injury one is bound to sustain in all these areas are different both in magnitude and rate of fatality.

Restaurants first aid Kits

Since restaurants are closely associated with fire, their kits are usually made of metal. A metal case/restaurant first aid kit is usually equipped with over 200 pieces of essential items that can treat small cuts, burns, falls and water/oil scalds. Some of these items can include but are not limited to different sizes of bandages to dressed wounds such as cuts and burn relief medication which acts fast with little side effects. As a standard feature it will also come with a 1 copy of the first aid guide that can be used to train users on the basics. Due to the high incidences of heart attacks at the workplace, this kit also comes with one CPR face shield, an oxygen inlet and a one way valve. But the best news is that you can buy all this for only $84.

Landscapers first aid kits

Landscaping is an outdoor activity that requires a lot of movement hence the kit should be light and easy to carry. A 10 unit easily portable plastic case comes well reinforced and boasts a gasket. The essential items therein are meant to deal with instances of minor cuts, insect stings, snake bites, sprains and eye discomfort. The first aid guide that is specific to the injuries one is likely to sustain is also availed in the kit. The cost? Only $26.

Truckers’ first aid kits- 16 unit Plastic Case

This kit has around 90 pieces of essential items. It has items that can treat injuries emanating from glass cuts, sprains, eye irritations, food poisoning, falls and high impact collisions. It comes with a CPR face shield a large assortment of bandages and gauzes, ointments, tapes and antibiotics. The kit is made of hardened plastic that has a gasket support. It comes at a manageable size which can fit in compact spaces.

Welders’ first aid kits

Meant for a real industrial feel and comes with slightly over a hundred pieces. It has essentials required when treating a wide range of injuries that a welder is susceptible to. That is sprains, welder’s arc, eye irritation, minor cuts and electric burns. It costs around $37 and the packaging is also plastic but reinforced by a gasket.

Pool and fire guard first aid kit- 16 unit metal case

The essentials included can provide first aid treatments for insect bites, sprains, falls and eye irritations. It comes equipped with a CPR face shield that has a filter and a one way valve support for first aid treatment to drowning or suffocated victims. The fireproof metal case is well supported by a gasket which ensures that the contents are kept dry and sterile.

Loggers’ first aid kit- 16 unit Plastic Case

This is a 71 piece kit that comes with essentials that will deal fast with minor cuts, but also provide some relief for large cuts as per the OSHA standard 1910 266A. It also provides a CPR face shield that can be used for resuscitation purposes in case the need arises.

It is also worth noting that almost all kits can be refitted; thus once some items have been used there is no need to buy a whole new kit, a refill can do the trick.

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