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Hilarious First Aid Quotes

[caption id="attachment_544" align="alignright" width="300"] First Aid Session[/caption] In need of a good laugh? Here are some funny first aid quotes, jokes, one liners…just about anything you would like to have a good laugh at the way fan is poked in what is an otherwise serious field. Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it. I worked so hard for that first kiss And a heart don’ ...

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What You Need to Know about Basic First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is one thing that has proven to be a vital addition in each and every home. It is the ultimate item that seals the nature of the preparedness that a family as a whole can nurture. A well stocked first aid kit is kept in a home to help deal with cases of minor injuries within the home. The kit needs to be kept in a cool and dry place that is within the home. It should be kept away from the ch ...

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First Aid Solutions for Specific Industries

Irrespective of how safe we try to make our homes, workplaces or vacation sites; Accidents are bound to happen. Knowing this fact and fully appreciating the inherent dangers; most employers, parents and businessmen make attempts to avail appropriate first aid kits for their premises, homes and workplaces. First Aid kits are therefore broadly divided into Home first aid kits, Business first aid Kits and Indu ...

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First Aid and Disaster Management

Disasters can strike at any time and two things that can mean the difference between life and death is preparedness and having the right training. One key point in disaster management is the quick and the proper administration of first aid to minimize casualties on the side of victims and first responders. No one can predict when a disaster will happen or what will ensue afterwards, but there are some key g ...

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Why Learn First Aid and CPR Now

The best time to learn first aid and CPR techniques is now! Perhaps, you have heard, on the news, stories about ordinary people saving other people. These stories of heroism definitely touch our heart. And they are not an unusual thing, they seem to happen almost every week, and there are many more that go unreported. Providing basic first aid and CPR rescue can definitely save lives. Accidents can happen a ...

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Understanding the Contents of Your First Aid Kit

Every first aid kit contains more or less the same equipment. It is important that you understand the purpose of all equipment and are able to use the contents properly. The following instructions will help you use each piece of equipment properly and carefully. The list only gives you basic information about how to use the specified equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that you acquire proper training f ...

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