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Body lice are tiny parasitic insects that are typically found in clothing and sometimes on their beddings and bodies. Body lice appear to be just like head lice and are also related to them, but they rarely infest head hair.

Body lice spend most of their time on a person’s clothing and crawl onto his or her skin one or more times a day to feed on blood. Body lice usually infest the homeless adults as they change their clothes very rarely. Children are usually not targets of body lice.

bedbugs_bitesSigns and symptoms

Body lice infestation normally causes intense itching due to an allergic reaction the body lice saliva. The allergic reaction may be characterized by the small marks on the skin, with possible swelling and redness, especially on the torso or around the neck.

A long-lasting, heavy infestation may result in the thickening and darkening of the affected regions of the skin accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue. Scratching the affected regions may bring rise to infection.

In overcrowded places with poor sanitation, especially certain war-torn or undeveloped countries, body lice can transfer microbes that lead to trench fever, louse-borne typhus and louse-borne relapsing fever.

When to seek medical attention

See a doctor if you suspect that you have body lice to determine proper treatment measures.


Treatment primarily involves getting rid of all infested clothing and bedding or removing and washing them thoroughly. In order to kill body lice by washing clothing and bedding, you can use hot water for such purposes and drying them at high temperatures in a clothes dryer – 122 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour or more or drying them using a hot iron. Usually body lice do not rest on the host for too long, therefore, washing the bedding or clothes may me more than enough. Vancouver first aid will give you further explanation about this.

People with a lot of body hair may have to be treated with body pesticide, pediculicide, to ensure that all body lice are removed for good. You can use over-the-counter pediculicides costing of permethrin or pyerthrun extracts. Other classes of insecticides may be prescribed by your doctor if required.


Body lice can be transferred through direct contact with people who are infested or their clothing or bedding. Therefore, you must avoid sharing bedding and clothing and physical prolonged contact with a person who is infested. People with body lice do not have to be quarantined to avoid their spread as body lice can easily survive for many days on removed clothing, without feeding on blood.

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Body lice may remain indefinitely on human clothing if left without treatment. You can immediately eliminate body lice by bathing and changing your clothing and by making sure that your clothes are disposed off or washed with hot water. Only on rare occasions, insecticide treatments are required to eliminate body lice from a person’s skin.

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