Tips on what you should do when preventing Acne

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Acne is a disease that affects the skin leading to low self-esteem. To enjoy a happier life, ensure that you remain dedicated in preventing acne, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. People with acne prone skin need to learn more on ways of alleviating the condition without necessarily resorting to over the counter medication. Severe acne, however, may demand this.

  • Keep the Face Clean

The skin’s surface is prone to damage since it’s exposed to dead cells and impurities. Wash your face in the morning when waking up and at night before you retire to bed. Use warm water. This will remove all the irritants thus help in preventing an outbreak.

Tip- When washing your face, don’t scrub harshly but use a textured sponge to rid the skin of dead cells. Avoid the spread of bacteria by using clean face towel or disposable wipes.

  • Adopt Healthier Diet

This helps in preventing acne and enhancing overall health as well. People suffering from acne outbreaks have oily skin that is agitated when sugary and fatty foods are consumed. Instead of snacking and binging, eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. Water is equally important for keeping the body well hydrated while flushing out toxins.

Tip- A healthier diet goes hand in hand with a work-out plan. Cardiovascular exercises like swimming, running, jogging and walking are the best.

  • Limit Makeup Use

Makeup mostly consists of ingredients that react negatively with delicate skin. During acne breakouts, it’s advisable to avoid wearing makeup altogether. In case you must, make it light. Also, ensure that you wash all traces at the end of the day to open up the pores.

Tip- When buying makeup, read the labels first. Select “noncomedogenic” brands which are quite effective in preventing acne by providing the much needed soothing effect.

  • Watch Hair Products

Most hair products contain gels, pomades, oils and fragrances that can trickle down onto the face. When this combines with the skin’s oil as it perspires, residue forms. This irritates the skin leading to acne. All moisturizers, conditioners and shampoos must be mild. Keep long hair neatly tied to avoid contact with your face. Wash hair often.

Tip- For those with long hair, it’s advisable to sleep with a head wrap. Make this a habit and you’ll eventually succeed in preventing acne.

  • Don’t Touch Your Face

Bacteria easily spread from the hands when you touch your face. Refrain from touching the face, neck and chin. Facial skin is delicate. Inflammation is usually experienced when one pops the pimples. Not only will you get infected, blackheads will form, which results to scarring. When preventing acne using this technique, practice self-control.

Tip- Accountability to a friend, family member or spouse will help you to realize when you touch your face subconsciously.

All in all, avoid stress, alcohol and cigarettes. The task of preventing acne should also include a routine of adequate rest and sleep. The skin rejuvenates when the body is doing the same. For severe cases, seek medical consultation from a dermatologist.

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