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Common Medical Emergencies People Experience

What are the common medical emergencies? Most of the time when we come across the term emergency room or ER as it is commonly referred, many of us get the images from the dramatic movies or television programs that we watch. It should however be noted that not much in the television shows do actually relate to the real situation of medical emergencies that are reported at the emergency rooms. The emergency ...

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Dealing With Breathing Emergencies

Breathing emergencies can be described as threats to the respiratory system of an individual. This is normally as a result of the blockage of the track, hence the inability of air to move freely to and from the lugs. The breathing difficulties can be exhibited through a number of signs. One could experience shortness of breath, inability to take a deep breath, gasping for air or just the general feeling of ...

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Responding Appropriately in Emergencies

What you do during an emergency is crucial in the outcome of the victim’s health. Even if you have not received any first aid certification, you can help in a myriad of ways. In case of an emergency, actions taken by people around the victim are of crucial importance; unfortunately, not many would volunteer to help. There are various reasons as to why people would rather not help in emergencies and accident ...

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