Common Medical Emergencies People Experience

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What are the common medical emergencies? Most of the time when we come across the term emergency room or ER as it is commonly referred, many of us get the images from the dramatic movies or television programs that we watch. It should however be noted that not much in the television shows do actually relate to the real situation of medical emergencies that are reported at the emergency rooms.

The emergency rooms are places where experts get to save lives on short notice and also offer vital treatments to individuals in dire need. Some of the reasons why people end up in emergency rooms are very unique if not bizarre. Listed and explained herein are some of the common medical emergencies that have landed people in the ER.

Abdominal pain.

More and more people are now reporting to the emergency rooms courtesy of the abdominal pains. These are as a result of many causes other than a mere indigestion. Poisoning, kidney stone and ill health have all been contributing to the reported cases of abdominal pains at the emergency room. Abdominal pains rank as the most common cause of ER visits.

Chest Pains.

This is the most emulated in the movies and television programs as indicated earlier. A number of the emergency room visits come as a result of heart complications. However, most of the visits are due to chest pains that could be caused by other underlying medical conditions that the individual might be having.

The doctors should put more emphasis in terms of medical evaluation focusing on the medical history of the patient. Cases of diabetes, coronary heart conditions and blood pressure are some conditions that could be causing the chest pains. A lot of people die each year due to heart conditions; this should not be the case. People should ensure regular visits to the doctors to ensure that their heart conditions are monitored and surprise elements in the name of the heart attacks and chest pains in general are avoided.

Sprains and fractures.

When body ligaments are pushed beyond their abilities or torn out of position, one will experience what is known as a sprain. These mostly occur during a physically demanding activity like sports, and in some cases are coupled with broken bones too. Not all sprains require the kind of attention that is offered at the emergency rooms. Some of the sprains are mild, hence can be handled at home hence relieving them with ease. Others also just fade with time. The serious kinds that come with broken bones are however required to be taken to the emergency rooms as fast as possible for treatment.

Cuts and bruises.


Cuts and bruises are a common occurrence in our home settings. This has also made it one of the most common reasons why people visit emergency rooms. They are depicted many times in the movies as they are experienced in real life. The cuts are mostly results of accidents involving the home appliances that we use on our day to day activities. The need to get the cut to the emergency room directly depends on the extent of the cut. Minor cuts can be easily treated at home with the use of a proper first aid kit.

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