Renewing Your First Aid and CPR Certification

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Renewing your first aid and CPR certification is important so that you can be permitted to offer first aid and CPR services in case of an emergency. Your help is required so that you can be able to offer your skills in case of instances of choking, stroke, heart attack or if a person suffers from burns, head injury or lacerations. In Canada, CPR and first certification is valid for duration of one to three years. Thus it is necessary to renew the certificate to ensure that you are always ready to provide medical emergency services at any level.

Conducting CPR on an emergency case
Conducting CPR on an emergency case


How to get first aid and CPR certification

The first thing you need to do is to locate the certificate and if you cannot, get in touch with the organization that certified you and ask for another certificate. Note that many of the organizations in Canada will charge you to replace your certificate.  One of the benefits of renewing your certificate in Canada is that it can be done by any approved organization even if it is not the same organization that provided you with the first certification. In case you have a current first aid and CPR certification, you will need to show your card. Do not be tempted to go to other organizations that will claim that their certificates are recognized by the major organizations because this may not be true. You are supposed to follow the step given by your course provider. Note that different course providers have varying guidelines. It is also good to note that all organizations that offer renewal of first aid and CPR certification will require you to pass the test given. You will only get the certificate renewed after attaining the specific grades set by the course providers.

Taking the renewal course

You should take a renewal course if that option is provided. The course can either be taken online, health clinics or in other facilities. To ensure that you gain maximum benefits from the course, participate fully in the classwork and do all what you are required to do by the instructors.  The cost of the course varies depending on the organization sponsoring the classes that you are taking. After the course you will definitely get an exam which you must pass for the first aid and CPR certification to be renewed. The certificate is renewed for another period of two to three years although it may depend with the organization offering the certification.

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