Protecting Your Home and Yourself From Forest Fires

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Fires are dangerous indeed. During the summer season, forest fires occur in numerous places across the world. Many people lose their lives while more others are rendered homeless when the fires are finally extinguished. Precautionary measures are always the best to take when dealing with natural emergencies. Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure that your home is protected. Read on for all the essential tips to be implemented.

Evacuate Soon

Evacuation is the only option for pending danger. Start the process as soon as possible so that everyone can get out of the situation alive. Bear in mind that the young and old are slower. This is why they should be amongst the first to be evacuated. However, able bodied people ought to remain behind so that they can protect their homes against forest fires.

Remove Potential Hazards

Removing all potential hazards in and around the house is one of the most effective tactics. Gas, timber and other flammable materials should be removed before the summer season. The fire will be unable to spread when the yard is clear.

Ensure Safety

Do not be tempted to transform into a super hero. This means that your safety should be the top priority. Take all the necessary steps which will guarantee that your life is not at risk while combating the fire. In the event that you fear the rapid spreading rate of the fire, vacate ASAP. Forest fires come with huge smoke that can be very dangerous particularly when driving.

Wear Protective Clothing

Wool and cotton are the best materials to wear when dealing with fires. Avoid nylon because the material burns easily. The types of clothing that will keep you safe throughout the ordeal include: Long pants, long-sleeved shirts, leather boots, goggles and wide hats. Also, get something to cover your mouth with so as to reduce the effects of carbon monoxide.

Check Water Supply

You’ll need all the water that you can get to fight off forest fires. Check your water supply to be sure that all the taps are functioning properly. Those who have additional tanks must ensure that accessibility to the area will not be compromised during the fire. Unclog all gutters to increase the number of water outlets in the home. It’s advisable to store more water in bathtubs, sinks, buckets, etc.

Get Trained In First Aid

Forest fires create hectic environments and can remove you from emergency medical response. Being well prepared and being able to recognize major and minor emergencies can be critical during a forest fire. Enroll in a first aid and CPR class with a provider near you to be prepared to manage injuries and medical emergencies.

Important Tips:

  • Water supply can be easily affected during fire outbreaks. This is why you need to store water in all the available places.
  • Do not vacate your home unless that is the only option left. Your home will have a higher chance of surviving the ordeal when there is someone there to save it.
  • Invest in fire proof items particularly around the roof, walls and windows.
  • Never attempt to fight a fire alone. You’ll need a team so that you can be able to help each other in case a person gets injured.
  • Always follow the fire fighters’ instructions. Evacuate immediately without raising any disputes when told to lest you fall victim to the forest fires.

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