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The techniques used in giving first aid have evolved since the process was introduced many years ago. New techniques evolve each and every day calling for a need to train people to renew their first aid certificates. The maneuvers used get altered over time and this trend will even continue in the future. It is with this fact that all first aid certificates are only valid for a certain period of time meaning that after the expiry, you cannot use it. The period by which the certificate is valid in Canada depends on the organization that issued the certificate. However, the normal period for all the organizations range from two to three years. If you have a certificate that is nearing its expiry date, read the article to understand more on the process of renewing it.

Ways to renew your first aid certificate

There are two ways that you can renew your first aid certificate in Canada. You can opt to go through the entire course again or simply just take the exam offered by the organization that is renewing your certificate. In case you find that it is a long time since you attended the first aid class and feel that there are some skills you need to learn, you need to attend the classes once again. This is the most advisable way because there are new techniques in first aid that are coming up. Attending the classes will help you get updated on the new developments in the field.

Taking the exam

It does not matter which of the above ways that you select because you will be required to get in touch with the organization where you undertook the first training in order to take the test. In case the organization did not meet your expectations, you can contact another one and organize a date to take the exam. If you decide that you want to do the test and not attend the classes to renew your first aid certificate, you must be confident in your skills and knowledge because if you fail, you will have to pay extra fee to take another exam.

Renewing the certificate in the workplace

If the first aid certificate is required in your job, most employers in Canada are responsible for the renewal process. If this is the case, you may not have a lot of say on the method to use to have your certificate renewed. Most employers prefer their employees to attend the classes or take refresher courses.

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