What Causes Home Injuries and How to Avoid Them

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home injuries
Dealing with home injuries

Have you ever wondered why many home injuries occur? The answer is very simple many homes in Canada have a lot of health hazards that leads to the many accidents. However, not many people recognize some of these hazards as dangerous until an injury occurs. Children are even more prone to getting injuries at home because they do not have the knowledge to recognize the hazards and how to avoid them.  A child can get injured in any part of the home, but mostly the home injuries occur in the dining or living room. Other major serious accidents occur in the kitchen where more there are more dangerous health hazards.

Potential Health Hazards

Every home has potential hazards, for example, household chemicals, hot water, fireplaces and sharp objects. The design of how your home is built also contributes to more hazards. For instance, a home built with balconies or open staircases contribute to many accidents at home. It is good to note that children do not have the ability to make assessment of the risks posed by the hazards. They have a limited perception of the environment around them and lack of development and experience, for instance, poor balance and co-ordination can result to injuries.

When do home Injuries Occur?

You cannot predict when home injuries will occur. Here are some factors that contribute to accidents at home.

  • Change of usual routine or being in a rush.
  • Poor supervision and distraction among children.
  • Being unfamiliar with the surrounding or
  • Poor housing or overcrowding conditions.

The other major cause of home injuries is stress that affects the normal thinking of a person. Long term illnesses can also increase the chances of getting injuries at home.

How to Avoid the Injuries

The most important thing is to ensure your home is free of the health hazards. Ensure that any tool or chemical that can result to an accident is stored away from reach of children. Never allow children to play with toys that can cause suffocation or chocking as it is common. Make sure the toys you buy to your children meets the health standards set. As an adult, you can also get an accident if you keep your home crowded with items or leave the floor wet. Falls are the major cause of many fractures in many homes. Therefore, ensure that such health hazards are eliminated at home to make it safe not only to children, but also to adults.

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