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Tips For Red Eye Management

The red eye illness can cause severe pain. The illness is usually characterized by a yellow discharge and difficulty in opening the affected eye. When you’re handling the red eye management task, you’ll be required to take several essential steps. The most important thing to do is evaluate whether or not your situation is severe. Causes of Red Eye There are several factors that lead to this illness such as: ...

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How Do You Treat A Black Eye?

The common occurrence of this injury means that it is imperative to know how to treat a black eye. By definition, a black eye is caused when a minor impact to the face causes the swelling of the area around the eye, leading to fluid accumulation in the affected region. Many injuries that lead to a black eye are minor so that the condition heals on its own after a fortnight or so. In some cases, this does no ...

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Vital Information on Cataracts Management

When the eye’s lenses get clouded, the resulting situation is usually referred to as cataracts. People suffering from the condition are unable to see clearly. It’s as if they’re seeing through a foggy window. In most cases, cataracts develop gradually and noticeably until they finally hinder vision. Cataracts management is important in restoring vision so that you can be able to read, drive and perform othe ...

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What You Need to Know About Eye Pain

Eye pain usually leads to discomfort that tends to interfere with normal sight. There are numerous causes of the illness so it’s imperative to acquire more information on the subject. This will make you well equipped to manage the situation for effective recovery. Several over-the-counter medications for alleviating the pain are available but it’s advisable to seek medical consultation first before making a ...

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Facts You need to know About Short-sightedness (Myopia)

Short-sightedness is an eye condition characterized by the inability to see distant objects because they appear blurred. A person suffering from the illness can see objects that are near clearly. The illness is brought about by long eyeballs or excessive curvature of the cornea. This interferes with focus of the light into the eye. Growth of the eyes usually depends on hereditary factors. Nevertheless, rese ...

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Sty refers to a bacterial infection that affects a small gland in the eyelid, which releases fluid to keep the eye lubricated.  Bacteria begin to proliferate in a gland when it gets obstruct with skin cells. The growth of bacteria may lead to inflammation of the eyelid, thus, resulting in sty. Stys usually occur at the edge of the eyelid – where the eyelids connect. A sty nearer to the center of the eyelid ...

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