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First Aid Renewal in the Workplace: Preventing Workplace Fatality

The occurrence of a workplace fatality is often devastating to a company may it be big or small since it can drive away customers and new employees as well as bring forth financial expenditures since businesses are obliged by the law to cover hospitalization and burial expenses. However, these expenses and devastating news can be avoided through regular first aid renewal for employees since workplace-relate ...

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First Aid Renewal: A Better Option for Businesses Financially

According to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act that is currently being followed all over Canada, all business establishments should have employees who are well-trained in first aid and CPR and have an active certification or card. Considering that these certificates expire every three years or so, employers every now and then face the dilemma of whether they should select new employees to undergo train ...

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Benefits of First Aid Renewal in the Workplace in Canada

Aside from the initial training program, employers and supervisors should also invest on first aid renewal regardless of the nature and industry of their business since renewing the first aid license of employees have a lot of benefits both for the company and the employees. Here are some of the benefits or advantages of first aid renewal in the workplace. First Aid Renewal Ensures Compliance Every now and ...

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