Alleviating Lower Back Pain

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Almost 80% of individuals complain of back pain at some point, hence, it’s very natural though and not a severe condition. About 10-30% individuals find back pain very distressing and hindering their daily life as well as negatively affecting their quality of life. This also affects the caregivers of the patients.

Is there an existence of different types of low back pain?

Almost 80% of individuals complain of events of back pain in their entire lives hence it’s very natural though not a very severe state.
Almost 80% of individuals complain of events of back pain in their entire lives hence it’s very natural though not a very severe state.

Yes they do exist, that is ‘specific’ and ‘non-specific’ back pain.

‘Specific’ back pain

This is an uncommon type of back pain. Statistically, not more than 1% of individuals complain of back pain that results from cancer. Fracture or rather an inflammatory process and infections. Almost 5% of individuals ailing from back and leg pains joining nerves that are compressed leading to a loss of energy and reaction in the leg. Majority of individuals associated with back pains DON’T have ‘specific’ pathology.

‘Non-specific’ back pain

Back pain is mostly caused  and triggered by straining of the back  especially at the  moments when we are vulnerable that is when  we are stressed, inactive or rather overactive, tired, sad and run down. This kind of back pain is really painful and scary to an individual since even slight movements are hurtful and the back muscles freeze. People with this condition recover mostly in a weeks’ time or two.

What To Do

Several approaches that are non-medicine based have been put up that guides one to some simple steps that can be taken in improving one’s function and reducing pain. These approaches are well informed by the current best evidence practice 2, 3.They are as follows:

  1. Staying positive
  • Individuals events of pain differ hence it can be cumbersome to stay positive always.
  • People with back pains tend to undergo events of anxiety, fear, and even low moods. All these emotions are normal and keep in mind that back pain is not very dangerous and that it gets better, and all in all, you never alone since there is help.
  • In case you feel distressed, it is advisable to tell your feelings and emotions to your health provider immediately so that they can help you.
  1. Stay active and at work as you move in a relaxed manner
  • Moving perceptibly in a step can help one in recovering be it you have acute or persistent back pain.
  • While recovering, it is vital to recall that it is natural to feel some pain hence it is vital not to be worried and afraid of pain .Fearing re- injury doesn’t always equalize harm.
  • Moving gently and in a relaxed way, physical activities and breathing exercises enable the nervous system to desensitize and help in the prevention of the development or worsening of intense or mild pain.


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