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How To Treat Stable And Unstable Angina

Overview Of Angina Angina is uneasiness or pain in the chest that occurs when insufficient blood reaches the muscles surrounding the heart. Angina takes place when the coronary arteries become constricted or congested. At first, angina can be mild and gradually become worse or it might come on unexpectedly. Though angina is more prevalent with men who are older, it can take place in both genders and in all ...

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Corneal Abrasion – First Aid

Overview Of Corneal Abrasions The cornea is the external layer of the eye If this layer tears it will result in a corneal abrasion. This is the most common damage to the eye The cornea consists of several nerve endings, therefore, it is extremely painful if it tears. Causes Of Corneal Abrasion Might be caused by A person's fingernail might tear the cornea Any piercing item such as a piece of glass [caption ...

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First Aid For Surgical Wounds

Overview Of Surgical Wounds Surgical wounds are slits (cuts) created through the skin while undergoing a surgical procedure. The edges of a wound can be held firmly together with closure strips, staples, surgical glue or stitches. Unique surgical bandages can be obtained to soak up fluid from seeping wounds. Occasionally surgical wounds can split open before they are fully healed. Your health practitioner w ...

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